Natasha West
Amputee Party Babe
Natasha, blonde with blue eyes, and a perfect body, was invited to a Party. But she wasn't to up on having a party with a guy with 1 fucking leg! After promising her more money she agreed, damn greedy Bitch! When she saw that he was built with a 9 inch cock, she went wild, needless to say Pedro just dove into her pussy, licking and eating her cunt. Soon Natasha, just started to suck his big dick, although it was a little too big for her mouth, she managed to get it all down her throat. Then she stuffed it up her pussy, a tight fit, but Pedro just pounded away. Then, to complete her party, she begged for cum, and Pedro delivered a huge load on her face. Now Natasha is more beautiful than ever with all that amputee cum on her face!

Chloe Veria
The Birthday Fun Continues!
Pedro is having one fucking great birthday! We really take care of our friends, here we serve up one of our favorite sluts, the 19 yr old Chloe. This big-titted teenage slut is in for a treat today, amputee cock. Watch her please our boy Pedro by sucking his dick, letting Pedro fuck her gigantic tits and sucking his stump while giving him a handjob. To finish this whore licks cum off Pedro's stump. See Chloe on other IncrediblePass.com websites in the weeks to come!

Lori Stewart
A+ Whore!
Lori is a 19-year-old Communications major from Columbia in need of money for books. Watch this slut "speak into the mic" like a pro making Pedro tremble at her linguistic skills. Happy Birthday Pedro!!! Watch for Lori on other IncrediblePass.com websites in weeks to come!

Valentina Russo
Columbian Cheater!
Valentina is a 21yr. old big-titted Milf from Columbia. What her husband doesn't know is today, while he is home with the baby, she is fucking an amputee. Watch our amputee Pedro gets his cock and stump sucked, then this slut uses her giant tits to fuck his dick and stump. Pedro fucks this Milf until she begs Pedro for his cum. Look for Valentina on other IncrediblePass.com sites in the coming weeks!
Jesban Jameson
Pedro's Gift Jesban
Jesban is just so happy to being celebrating Pedro's birthday, but jumps out of her pants when she see's Pedro's leg and she thinks he's ugly! Our host ups the ante on the cash flow and now Jesban is totally game with taking care of the amputee. She shows all of the boys of IncrediblePass.com her wonderful pussy while masturbating, but falls in love with Pedro's huge cock.  Boy this bitch can suck cock and watch her eyes....this could be you! Well, minus the amputated leg of course. lol. Check out her pussy as Pedro slowly cracks her open for a good long fucking! Don't kill her Pedro! "You like baby?" Pedro says as she swishes his cum around her hot mouth. Watch that bitch brush her teeth and swallow his amputee cum! You are the man Pedro! See  Jesban perform other scenes on the Incredible Pass network of sites, by upgrading to the All Access Incredible Pass!

Jenn Lopes
Hot Amputee Forever!
Well, Well Well... look at what the Boss set up for the lucky birthday boy! One of the hottest girls to blaze the Incredible Pass!... Jenn Lopes! Pedro is got to be the luckiest person to walk the face of the earth. Why is Jenn doing this? I guess when money talks hot bitches listen too. Watch Jenn on other IncrediblePass.com websites in the weeks to come!

Anna Martinez
Pedro's Luckiest B-day!
Anna is back and she's hotter than ever. See her once again in this weeks edition of TheAmputee.com. See this young 32EE, pinup model, first timer, suck Pedro off for the best Birthday present he has ever had in his life. See what Anna does with Pedros Oscar Meyer bologna leg's cum! Watch for Ana in other IncrediblePass.com websites in weeks to come!

Sammy Greco
Baby Gangster's Gift!
It's Pedro's Birthday again and Baby Gangster's got one hell of a gift for him. His very own 20-year-old Columbian slut named Sammy. Watch Pedro tear apart his new gift and make a rag doll out of her. Spectacular! Watch Sammy on other IncrediblePass.com websites in the weeks to come!


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